How to Factory Reset Polycom VVX 300 VOIP Phones

This is from memory and my notes, and may be incomplete, or have errors, but regardless…

Power Cycle the phone.

Hit Cancel on Boot screen (you will see an option to cancel by hitting one of the menu buttons while it’s booting).

Press 1+3+5, hold them down. NOTE: there is also a function where you can hit 3+5+7. One of these is the right one. I think it’s 1+3+5, but if that doesn’t bring you to a password prompt, try 3+5+7.

A password prompt should appear.

The password is the mac address. That is the easy part. The mac is on the phone on a sticker. The hard part is that you must enter letters in lower case. You can’t preview the letters, and since you have only a number pad, you have to understand how these interfaces typically work.

What there is, is a small icon on the menu that lets you change from numbers to upper case letters, to lower case letter, then back to numbers. So in order to change from number to lower case, you have to hit that button on the screen. And also, if you change back to numbers, you must hit the button again. So sometimes you might have to blindly hit a few keys. E.g. cat would be 1+1+1 (for c), a short pause, then 1 (for a), then whatever t is. But you can’t see the a going from a to b to c. It’s all hidden behind hashmarks for “security”. So you are blind and must press the buttons in the correct sequence. Horrible design, but the idea must be that only IT guys will ever work with the interface. They should be used to getting the short end of the administration stick, so will not be surprised. I was not be surprised, to be honest, just disappointed.

Configuration for Verizon VOIP

After you put the password in, you can factory reset, or possibly it does a factory reset automatically. Now the VOIP phone is back to its base mode. When it reboots you can now access the admin section, with the password “456”. For Verizon’s voip, the settings are:
Go somewhere in the network menus (I didn’t note where).

Enable ZTP
Server type - HTTPS
Server address -

Then I believe a reboot.